Your Perfect Front Door Color

"What color should I paint my front door?"

This is the biggest little question I hear again and again. Why does this little piece of real estate give everyone so much trouble? I think I know why; it’s because the door is usually the last thing you do when painting your house. It is the defining moment, the culmination of energy, time and money spent into getting your house to look spectacular.

Somewhere deep down inside you know that the door color is like the little cherry on top of the ice cream sundae…the finishing touch!

I'd like to introduce myself

My name is Rodd Cohen and I’m a practicing designer and color expert for over 20 years. I’m going to make it easy for you because I’ve taken my experience and knowledge from the creation of thousands of successful color schemes and distilled it into an easy to read and understand e-book, “The Ultimate Guide to Your Perfect Front Door Color".

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This 17 page e-book contains examples of color schemes which you can “cut-and-paste” for your own use. It also contains explicit instructions on how to create your own unique color signature for your home. Some of the topics covered are:

  • which colors you should steer clear of
  • how to create a warm and welcoming entry
  • how to use the pro's tools for professional results
  • doors on porches; special considerations
  • which colors look best in the suburbs
  • choosing the correct sheen for your needs
  • how to create a door with pizzazz

You’ll learn the secret techniques of how the “pros” pick the right color time after time.

Much of this step-by-step information has never been published before in one easy to read and understand booklet.

Why am I ready to divulge my trade secrets? I’ve spent a lifetime helping throngs of folks just like you to create beautiful home exteriors. Even though I’ve helped thousands, it’s only a drop in the bucket of all the people across the nation that I am able to touch.

You see, I’m on a mission to help folks create the most satisfying and beautiful home exteriors that they can.  Physically, I could never see all the homeowners who need my help. Now with the power of the internet, I can get the word out far and wide. It’s a beautiful thing indeed!

Your home is the ultimate expression of who you are and most likely your biggest investment.

I can give you the tools to make
your home the one on the block
that everyone in your neighborhood
will look to for inspiration.

You may even become a local celebrity as everyone will want to know how you did it!

I'll give you the tools the pros use, tell you where to get them and what's even better, I'll unravel the mystery of their use. You will approach every color project with confidence because you will have the tools and know-how to do the job right!

Your Color Coach Will Guide You

All of this is yours in my brand new e-book, filled with inspiration, tips and techniques guaranteed to help guide you along the path to color confidence.

How many rusty and un-useable cans of paint are in your basement or garage because the color just didn't "work"? How many of those little color sample pots have you purchased at $10.00 each in your quest to find that "perfect" color? Admit it, despite all those sample cans and pots and painted swatches, you still can't decide!!!

"The Ultimate Guide to Your Perfect Front Door Color",
the e-book that is sweeping the nation and changing the way homeowners think about using color on their homes is here. Easy to download and easier to own
at only $29.97, it's about the price of
a quart of door paint.

How would you like to know that there would never be any more paint color mistakes...or you wouldn't have the burden of disposing of half-full paint cans of bad color choices?

door colors for houses

The information in this e-book is worth many times over the tiny price of $29.77...why so inexpensive?

As I mentioned before, I'm on a mission to spread good design everywhere to everyone...keeping the price small combined with the power of the internet enables me to meet my goal and float the boat!

My Best to You,

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