Your Color Assurance Policy With Front End Benefits

Q. When was the last time you took out an insurance policy that paid you a guaranteed return and paid it out on the front end?
A. Never, but that is about to change…

Using the custom color consultation services from is like having an insurance policy.

The uncertainty of how a color will translate from chip to house surface will be gone, and you will reap immediate benefits as you watch the applied colors transform your house from “?” to “fabulous”. You will have the "WOW" house in the neighborhood. I've seen it happen time and time again.

After I put together a palette for a home and it is completed, the house in question often is the topic of discussion locally amongst other people who are thinking about painting their home; i.e. "have you seen...?" The local paint store becomes inundated with questions about said house. Basically your house becomes the buzz du jour.

Of course most people will pass by with nary a notice...but for those folks in the market for a new paint job, believe me, they are out and about looking at houses in town for inspiration.... you will be admired to be sure.

I've helped many average homeowners who thought they couldn't afford custom design services. My answer to that is you can't afford not to have them! Painting a house is a big endeavor and not to be taken lightly. It's a project most likely contracted out so that means $$$. It's also something you will live with for at least the next 10 years so it had better be good or you will be reminded of that each and every time you pull up into the driveway.

I'd like to introduce myself

My name is Beverly Ferguson and I’m a practicing designer and color expert for over 30 years.

A bit about my credentials

My formal training is in the field of interior design where I hold a degree in the Applied Science of...I graduated cum laude. I've also been an award winning fine artist for many years, studying with some of the greatest contemporary colorists such as Daniel Greene and Wolf Kahn. The combination of my practical experience, formal training, and theoretical knowledge makes me unique in the world of color expertise.

I've got more than a few miles under my belt. I've seen just about every permutation of color and material that you might imagine...and I've helped thousands of average folks create their dream homes through the use of creative and appropriate color.

The Internet Rocks!

Through the magic of email and attached documents, I can serve people all over the world!

A few short years ago, I was chained to a small area near my home base in which I could serve clients. Of course I could always hop a plane for a consultation but the logistics of that are less than optimal. Today with restricted baggage options, dragging my thousands of color chips with me to a remote site is not easy.

But now with the power of digital photography and email, I can help anyone just about anywhere. Of course, there is no substitute for being on-site and for those customers willing to go the extra mile, travel arrangements can be facilitated; contact me via form mail below. For most folks though, electronic communication will serve them well.

OK, so what do I get in a
custom color consultation?

First I start with a questionnaire which helps me to understand you, your home, and the dreams and aspirations for it. I also have you send me digital photos for reference. While they aren't accurate for color, it helps me tremendously understand the scale and placement of your home...two areas I find that clients have the most trouble communicating...
and which are essential.

I look at many factors when evaluating your home and suggesting a color palette. You will be issued a detailed report which will consider and include:

  • specific static areas of your home's facade
  • a detailed color mapping which will act as a directional for your painting crew
  • attention to community standards
  • consideration to elements of landscaping and placement
  • every effort will be made to accomodate your vision for your home, I will take your dreams and put them into a workable context. You will never be corralled into choices which will be uncomfortable
  • recommendations for finishes

All of this, the culmination of my years of experience and training for $425. The cost of painting an average home in some parts of the country will approach $10,000.00 this year

It's short money to get a solid and workable color palette which will respect the integrity of your house while providing distinction and style...worth every penny and not something you can easily do yourself if you are short on time or have other priorities with family or work.


Don't rely on the painter for advice in this area...

they know what looks good but then again so do you. Because they work with paint all day doesn't mean that they will be able to take your unique combination of materials, location, scale, orientation and wishes to create a personalized plan.. They are not trained in color, color theory, or design and composition. Most likely they will give you somebody else's color scheme, a watered-down, boiler-plate solution or something right off a paint chart. When it comes to paint colors, it's good to remember that everyone's got an opinion but they're usually not qualified opinions.

You've read this far so I know you don't want something that's just are looking for distinction and personal expression of style, something only an experienced specifier can provide. If you're ready to go, I'm ready to hear from you! Contact me via the form mail below to start the ball rolling!

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Front Door Color Ebook

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It's chock full of insights from the pros who will show you just how easy it is to get a fabulous front door entry.