Whether north-south-east-west, living in the USA is a diverse experience. The country is large and varied in geography but also in regional tastes. Certainly there are preferences within regions, this is cultural but also cultural tastes are shaped by environment.

Even within a small geographical area such as New England, there are definite degrees of variation between north-south-east-west. We have the seacoast and coastal plains, mountains, and great north country.

New England Colonial Home


In the northeast and especially New England where I live, we love our blues. Perhaps this is due to our proximity to the sea but certainly blue is a big favorite for exterior paint. Muted tones look good in the diminished light of New England and it is only the exception of Cape Cod and the Islands of Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard where brighter and more pure colors look right.

Blue is one of the colors of the visible spectrum to display a wide range of possibilities. What does that mean? It means it can be very light or very dark, it can be pure because it is a primary color. Or it can be muted to appear almost gray. Depending upon your setting, urban or rural, direction your home faces, and the scale of the building, will help determine the appropriate blue paint to use.

Southwest House Color Preferences

south-west adobe home

The Southwest is known for taking it's cues from the multi-colored high desert and remarkable sunsets. Preferred colors are corals, clay, and and sky. When you examine most cultures and look at the environs, you can see how regional preferences shape tastes.

Northwestern Color Influences

Northwest homes are often very earthy reflecting the surroundings of rain forest and woodland. Rich greens and deep browns are eternal favorites. Softer and muted grays are also seen, again a reflection of the soft and refracted light which exists in a rainy climate.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, it's a big country and I could spend a lot of time defining all the micro climates within the borders. When thinking about your new house color, look carefully at your environment and see how the climatic conditions might influence choices. It is always a good idea to pay homage to your surroundings so that your home looks at ease in its setting.

Here's a great page from Benjamin Moore with images and suggestions for regional appropriate color.

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