Paint Color Charts

One of the quickest and easiest ways to develop a plan for your home’s new paint job is to refer to the zillions of paint color charts and color schemes available at your local paint store. Using these charts can solve the dilemma of “what colors to paint…” very effectively but if you are looking for something a little distinctive, read on.

Have you ever had the experience of eating something made from scratch apart from something that was made from a mix or store bought? Using a paint color chart versus an individualized plan is a lot like that….here’s why.

Designers at the paint company HQ develop paint color schemes which are good, solid workable solutions. They are also designed to be adaptable to many different styles of homes and to many locations. Lastly, they are designed to appeal to a mass market. Translation? Nothing too different, too edgy, too unique, too regional, they are generic.

Folks have a varying level of comfort when it comes to their house color choices. Go into any neighborhood armed with a color chart. You can be sure that about 90% of all the homes will have a scheme directly taken from one of the more popular charts. This will be especially true if one or two paint stores dominate the local market. Why do most of the homes fall into this 90%? Well, who wants to make a 26’ x 20’ x 20’ mistake? That’s a BIG one as we say.

Now, all this said, there is goodness in having your house look like the others in the neighborhood. No one wants to be the person who lives in “that house”. You know the one I’m talking about…every neighborhood has one of these. It was usually the one you didn’t ring the bell on at Halloween! 

Kidding aside, maybe a scheme from the color chart is just what you want…great! You’re done!!! But if you are looking for something that doesn’t look like the fourteenth beige house on the street, there are some ways to tweak those color chart ideas to make them a bit more individual.

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