What is my Local Color?

Location, location, location…it’s been said a million times. It is the mantra of every real estate agent. But did you know that for color designers,

the locale of the house greatly determines the selection of the final colors


For starters, this is a great big world we live in…your house may be in the city. Perhaps you enjoy a suburban existence or your house is out in a rural setting, far apart from neighbors. Some of you may be in a historic district or have unique architecture which places your house squarely in a “period” look.

Applying the same treatment for differing locations will suit one but most likely, not the others. The lighting is very different in the city , reflected light off of concrete asks for brighter accents and sharper contrasts. The softness of suburbia could not tolerate such a treatment. These are physical realities, there are also the considerations of the context, i.e. what kind of neighborhood your house is in and which community standards exist.

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